The Science Behind CBD

by | Dec 31, 2019 | Cannabis, Cannabis Cuisine, Edibles

CBD is taking over the cannabis markets, and we are excited to explain where the hype is coming from. Many people assume that marijuana and CBD are the same and don’t recognize the health benefits of the compound. At Original Goods Cannabis, we explore the science and benefits of cannabis-related products to provide you with the best product knowledge. 


What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound extracted directly from a hemp plant, which is traditionally known for its versatile fibres to make many everyday goods. Typically the extracted oil is diluted with coconut or hemp seed oil to aid digestion and regulating dosages. The main difference between CBD and marijuana is that hemp contains extremely low levels of THC and in turn has no euphoric properties. CBD has a broad range of usages, which we will explain further below.

The Benefits of Cannabidiol


CBD works by binding to specific neuroreceptors in your nervous system, called the endocannabinoid system. The system assists in regulating endorphins, immune functions, hormones, moods, and more bodily chemical messages. Since CBD does not provide a euphoric high, it can safely be used at any time of the day. The health and mental benefits of CBD are lengthy, but we’ve selected the top 5 for you.

1. Pain relief

2. Acne reduction

3. General anxiety disorder treatment 

4. Sleep aid 

5. Aid in recovery from addictions 

What’s the best way to use CBD?

Each user has a different preference for using CBD, and we’re going to be highlighting the most talked about methods. A very common ingestion method is by droplets of oil directly or put into a drink. CBD is also available in capsule form as a soft gel. Rawls are pre-measured doses which helps the process of administering the product, but the effects may not be as strong due to the digestion of the capsule. Dosages can be different per person, but they average from 10-50mg, one to three times per day, but someone may use higher doses for chronic pain management. An external method of using CBD is by applying creams or salves with cannabidiol properties to act as an anti-inflammatory. New ways to use CBD are constantly being developed, stay up to date with the newest developments to find your perfect usage method!


With anything ingested, everyone has different reactions to chemical compounds and ingredients. The staff at OGC take pride in ensuring you are receiving the highest quality cannabis products and information in Calgary, and the surrounding area.